Tuesday, August 25, 2015

W o r d s   o f   L o v e   E x h i b i t

“Unlike traditional art, the ‘Art Of Motherhood’ is formed amidst the chaos of family, between folds of time, directly impacted by the forces of creation itself.” ~ MJR

We are inviting you to become involved in this international exchange of ideas and text. The Museum of Motherhood is thrilled to collaborate in the 2015 Biennale of Contemporary Art. Won’t you or your organization become involved too? Add your name to this growing list of participants by sending us your “Words of Love.” This is an international collaboration celebrating the art of motherhood as it manifests through daily love and labor. Our aim for this exhibit is to share words of love across time and space. Together we help to establish a planet that honors all people and invites peace, safety, and harmony. Become involved by writing us at MAMAvoices@gmail.com. Or, share this information with your synagogue, arts group, or friends.

Healing “Words of Love” to be shared via our Twitter account: by emailing your words of love to us at MAMAvoices@gmail.com or by tweeting to @MAMAvoices #WordsOfLove
Please lend your voices to this international exchange and consider donating to our IndieGoGo page.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Project AfterBirth

Thursday 16 July 2015
We are delighted to announce Project AfterBirth’s:
Project AfterBirth presents the first ever international open art exhibition on the subject of parenthood. The exhibition will feature unseen and rarely shown artistic responses to lived experiences of pregnancy, birth and early parenthood, in a variety of visual, performance, literary, film & digital disciplines, by 30 international contemporary artists.
The selection panel spent many days over the past two months viewing the (more than 150) works submitted from all over the world in response to the open Call For Artists, reading through all application documents and deliberating over which of the many exceptional artists and outstanding works on offer to put through.
Due to the personal and intimate nature of the exhibition’s subject, many of the works and accompanying artist statements had a deep emotional impact. This, together with the quality, quantity and variety of the submitted works, made the selection panel’s task far from easy. However, as you will agree from the list of names below, Project AfterBirth promises to be a tremendous exhibition.
Most importantly perhaps, our experiences over the last two months have confirmed how much great contemporary, innovative work has been made and undoubtedly will continue to be made on the subject of pregnancy, birth & early parenthood in the 21st century. As the first ever open exhibition on the subject, Project AfterBirth will only scratch the surface of what is out there. It is therefore crucial that the lingering taboo status of parenthood in the contemporary art world and its perceived inferiority as an artistic subject, continue to be challenged at every opportunity.
It will take more than Project AfterBirth to change things, but through the exhibition and an anticipated (funding dependent) inter/national tour, community engagement programme and research project we are in the process of developing, we hope to make our mark and, along the way, inspire other arts professionals and organisations to adopt a more inclusive approach and develop opportunities for work on the powerful subject of parenthood.
So here, then, our selection of artists for Project AfterBirth’s exhibition:
1. Alison O’Neill (UK)
2. Amanda West (USA)
3. Belinda Kochanowska (Australia)
4. Carole Evans (UK)
5. Chris Anthem (Beirut/UK)
6. Clare Archibald (Scotland)
7. Courtney Kessel (USA)
8. Csilla Nagy (Hungary)
9. Danielle Hobbs (Australia)
10. Debbie Lee (UK)
11. Eti Wade (UK)
12. Geoffrey Harrison (UK)
13. Helen Sargeant (UK)
14. Hester Berry (UK)
15. Ione Rucquoi (UK)
16. Jana Kasalova (Czech Republic)
17. Jenny Lewis (UK)
18. Josie Beszant (UK)
19. Laura James Wray (UK)
20. Lu Heintz (USA)
21. Madison Omahne (USA)
22. Magda Stawarska Beavan (Poland/UK)
23. Marilyn Kyle (UK)
24. Rachel Fallon (Ireland)
25. Rocio Saenz (Mexico)
26. Ruth Gray (UK)
27. Sacha Waters Freyer (USA)
28. Sarah Sudhoff (USA)
29. Tareg Morris (UK)
30. Trish Morrissey (UK)
Project AfterBirth’s exhibition launches at White Moose gallery, UK, from 2nd October until 13th November 2015.
To keep up to date with all developments, please join the mailing list via the form below.
Project AfterBirth‘s exhibition selection panel members were:
– founders/curators Mila Oshin & Kris Jager (Directors, Joy Experiment, UK);
– Stella Levy and Julie Gavin (Directors, White Moose, Devon, UK);
– Martha Joy Rose (Director, Museum of Motherhood, New York, USA);
– Helen Knowles (Director, The Birth Rites Collection, Manchester, UK);
– Francesca Pinto (Head of Development, Photographer’s Gallery, London, UK).

Monday, July 13, 2015


A woman whose TED talk on authenticity was viewed 20 million times; a breast cancer survivor who left her career to create bathing suits with integrated prostheses; a raw food expert who saw a need for healthy airport food and did something about it; a woman who dedicates her life to speech therapy for the facially disfigured and a super model who believes Every Mother Counts and fights for worldwide maternal health. 
These are just a sampling of the extraordinary women whose essays and portraits are captured in the PRIME book. The search for engaged and passionate women started simply enough with friends and associates, but quickly expanded as many referred other inspirational woman creating a chain of connections that spread worldwide. The beauty of this organic selection process is that, from start to finish, the women of PRIME are inextricably linked. Support this project by clicking on the kickstarter campaign link
Also featured in the book is Mamapalooza and Museum of Motherhood founder, Martha Joy Rose. See her new Wikipedia page here.